Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Who should I report any problems to?
A) The system administator is Keith Hooton.

Q) How do I make payments to top up my account?
A) Payments to top up your credit should be made via the Club bar during normal hours.
We accept either cash or cheques (payable to Ickleford Squash Club).
All payments made this way will normally be credited to your on-line account overnight.
If you ask the bar staff specifically, they can upload any credit to your on-line account immediately.
Alternatively, you can transfer money directly to the Ickleford Squash Club bank account and e-mail the system administrator.
Your squash account will be credited as soon as the payment has been confirmed.
No peak-time court bookings can be made unless your account has sufficient credit.

Q) How do I cancel a booking that I have previously made?
A) Cancelling a booking is almost identical to making a booking in the first place.
Locate the court that you wish to cancel.
It should have your name on it and a ‘Book’ icon with a red cross through it immediately to the right.
Click on this icon to cancel the booking.

Off-peak courts can be cancelled at any time.
Peak-time courts can be cancelled and a full refund obtained immediately provided that this is done within 4 hours of making the booking.
If a cancellation is made after 4 hours, then the court booking will appear with your name crossed out and is available for other members to book.
You will receive a full refund only if someone else books the court in your place.

Q) What are the rules regarding late booking of courts?
A) You can book a peak-time court free of charge within 60 minutes of the start time of the session.
It is not possible to book a court after the start time of the session.

Q) What is to prevent two people booking the same court?
A) The on-line system uses a database to control the booking of courts.
It should not be possible for two people to book the same court.

Q) Can several members be logged on to the system at the
same time?
A) Yes.
The system uses a multi-user database to access the information.
Any changes made by one user e.g. booking a court, will be immediately visible to other users.

Q) Is the system secure?
A) There are a number of security measures in place to prevent unauthorised access to information and to prevent fraud.
The on-line database is encrypted and password protected.
This means that no-one should be able to access the stored information without a valid username and password.

The security of the system relies on no-one else knowing your password.
Never tell anyone else your password.
Always change your default password originally assigned to you as soon as possible.
Never use a password that anyone else can easily guess.

However, the communications between your PC and the Internet Server are not secure and it is technically possible for a hacker to intercept and interpret any information that is sent between the two systems.
Since there is little to be gained, except possibly a few free games of squash, it seems unlikely that any hacker will pay too much interest.
If you suspect any security breaches then please tell the system administrator immediately.

Q) Why is it not possible to make payments on-line?
A) Whilst this is technically possible, it would require
a secure connection to the Internet Server in order to prevent unauthorised
access to your credit card details. Our Host Service Provider would charge extra to provide this facility
and it is currently seen as not being worthwhile.

Q) What if I forget my password?
A) You should contact the system administrator and ask for your password to be reset.
Since no-one else knows your password (not even the administrator), your password will be reset to the default.

Q) Why does it take overnight to make certain changes such as a change of password and payments made over the bar?
A) The system is taken off-line for a short period each night in order to make these changes.
The on-line database is also backed up such that if the Internet Server loses the database then it can be restored from a local copy.

Q) What does "Session expired or browser does not support Cookies" mean when I attempt to login?
A) Your login session will expire if it is inactive for more than 10 minutes (unless you have Remember Me selected).
If this message appears every time you attempt to login, then it may be that your browser has Cookies disabled.
A Cookie is a small piece of data stored by the Internet Server on your local computer for tracking certain activity.
In this case, it is used to maintain the database connection after you first login.
If Cookies are disabled or your browser does not support them, then you will not be able to use the Member Services.

Q) What is the "Remember Me" option on the login screen?
A) The "Remember Me" option means that the Cookie used to store your logon details on your computer will not expire.
This means that you will automatically be logged on each time that you visit the Club's website.
For security reasons, you should not use this option if you share your computer with other people, since
they will automatically be logged on as you if they visit the Club's website.

Q) The "Remember Me" option doesn't seem to work on my mobile. Why not?
A) The "Remember Me" option should work on mobiles.
Please check the following - instructions for Safari users on an iPhone - there will be similar options for other mobile browsers and phones:-

Under Settings->Safari
Check that "Do Not Track" is Off
Check that "Block Cookies" is set to Always Allow.

Within Safari itself, check that you aren't using Private browsing. Press the new page icon bottom right and check that Private is not highlighted.

Q) How do I enable Cookies?
A) In Netscape, select Edit, Preferences from the main menu and click the Advanced tab.
Then click either "Accept all cookies" or "Accept only cookies that get sent back to the originating server".

In Internet Explorer, select Tools, Internet options from
the main menu, then select the Security tab and click the Custom Level
button. Then Enable "Allow cookies that are stored on your computer"
or "Allow per-session cookies (not stored)".

Please note, however, that some employers disable Cookies for security reasons and re-enabling Cookies might not possible.

Q) When I go to the Web site home page, a message is displayed warning me that my browser does not support Cascading Style Sheets.
A) Cascading Style Sheets are used to control the style (colours, font etc.) of the information displayed on a Web page.
Some older browsers do not support Cascading Style Sheets.
You will need Netscape 4/Internet Explorer 5 or later in order to see the Club’s web pages properly.
In Netscape, select Edit, Preferences from the main menu and click the Advanced tab.
Then click "Enable Style Sheets".

If your browser does not support Cascading Style Sheets
then you can still use the system, however it may not appear as designed.
You should preferably update your browser to a more recent version.

Q) When I try to login I get the message "Database logins are currently disabled for maintenance purposes.
Please try again later."
What does this mean?
A) Logins are disabled for a short period each night in order to backup the system, make new courts available, update passwords etc.
This will normally only last for 10 minutes to 1 hour.
Occasionally, if there is a problem with the Internet Server then the update process may fail and database logins will remain disabled for up to 1 day or more.
Please report this to the administrator if you encounter such a problem.

Q) Occasionally I get the error message "Connection reset by peer" displayed.
What does this mean?
A) This error message is displayed when there is a communications failure between your PC and the Internet Server.
You should be able to recover from this problem by simply refreshing the current Web page.
Occasionally, it may take a few minutes for the Internet Server to recover.

Q) When entering league match results, what do the two types of walk-over mean?
A) There are 2 types of walk-over.
W/O(F) is a walk-over for and W/O(A) is a walk-over against.
If a league match is shown as Player A vs Player B then
if Player A wants to claim a walk-over against Player B he should enter W/O(F)
if Player B wants to claim a walk-over against Player A he should enter W/O(A)