Rules for Internal Leagues

  1. Organisation
  2. Playing Period
  3. Inclusion in League
  4. Deletion from League
  5. Injured Players
  6. Match Arrangements
  7. Match Play
  8. Results Recording
  9. Match Scoring
  10. Walk Overs
  11. League Positions
  12. Promotion/Relegation
  13. Rankings

1. Organisation

The League is arranged in divisions, each of which normally contains five players. The lowest division, or two divisions, may contain four to six players depending on the total number of players in the leagues.

Several of the lower leagues may be handicapped, at the discretion of the League Secretary. Handicapped leagues will be indicated by "Hcap" after the Division number.

2. Playing Period

The League will operate throughout the year. Each playing period will normally last 1 calendar month and will end on the last Sunday of the month. This may be varied at times to allow for club competitions, or holiday periods, at the discretion of the League Secretary.

3. Inclusion In League

All currently paid-up members of the squash club except Off-Peak members are eligible for inclusion in the league. Using the League Request form, a player may request to enter the league, or rejoin after absence, at any level. Normally a player should expect to re-join at a level one division below that in which he/she last played.

The league position for "included" players will be calculated based on their ranking as follows:

a) Count the number of players currently in the leagues with equal or better rank than oneself. Starting at the top of the league, drop down by the number of places just calculated. There should now be the same number of players with equal or better rank below oneself as there are players with worse rank above oneself. Having found this position, drop another 3 places.

b) In the division requested on the League Request form if this is below the place calculated in (a) above.

Newly included players will be indicated by their name appearing in green on the leagues.

4. Deletion From League

A player may request to be deleted from the League via the League Request form. To rejoin after an absence, it is the player's responsibility to request inclusion via the form or by contacting the League Secretary.

Players must play a minimum of two matches each month to continue in the League. Any player who fails to play the required minimum will be given a grace period of 1 month before automatic deletion from the leagues. Players who are "At Risk" because they have played insufficient matches for 1 month will be indicated by their name appearing in red on the leagues.

A player may continue in the League despite playing insufficient matches if he/she requests inclusion via the League Request form.

5. Injured Players

If a player becomes injured or cannot play his/her matches for any other reason, then they should mark themselves as Injured on the League Request form. A walk-over will automatically be awarded against that player for all unplayed matches. If the injured player has only played one match, then that match will also be scored as a walk-over to the opponent. If the injured player has already played two or more matches, then any existing match scores will stand.

Note that it is in a player's interest to declare himself/herself as injured when appropriate, since the number of places which that player may be dropped at the end of the month is limited (see Promotion/Relegation). If the "injury" is likely to be prolonged such that the player cannot compete in the subsequent month's league then they should also mark themselves for deletion on the League Request form. An injured player will not be automatically deleted from the League unless they are already marked as "At Risk".

6. Match Arrangement

Each player will play the other players in their division during the League playing period, at mutually arranged times. Each player is responsible for contacting certain other players in their division to arrange matches, as shown in the table below.

5-Player Division 6-Player Division 4-Player Division
Player Must Contact Players
1 2,3
2 3,4
3 4,5
4 5,1
5 1,2
Player Must Contact Players
1 2,3
2 3,4
3 4,5
4 5,6,1
5 6,1,2
6 1,2,3
Player Must Contact Players
1 2
2 3
3 4,1
4 1,2

7. Match Play

Each match will consist of the best of five games, 'PAR' 15 scoring. If any game reaches 14 points all, then the game will continue until one player is 2 points ahead.

A match is completed as soon as one of the players has won three games. Where a match has not been completed, the players may agree to record the incomplete result, or complete the match later, or replay the match. Any incomplete games do not count to the match score.

During the summer months (April through to October), matches will be played with a double yellow dot squash ball, and with a single yellow dot ball during the winter months. By mutual consent before the start of a match, a squash ball of any type may be used.

8. Results Recording

It is the responsibility of each player to ensure that his or her match results are recorded via the website. If no result is recorded via the website before 5pm on the last day of the playing period, no points will be given to either player for the match. The only exception to this is when a player claims a walk-over (see below).

9. Match Scoring

Players are awarded points under the following scoring system:

· Each player receives 2 points for playing a match

· A player receives 1 point for each game won

· The winner of a completed match (as defined above) receives a bonus of 1 point

· The winner of a 3-0 match receives a bonus of 1 point

The number of points awarded for each possible result is therefore:

Result Points
3-0 7-2
3-1 6-3
3-2 6-4
2-2 4-4
2-1 4-3
2-0 4-2
1-1 3-3
1-0 3-2
0-0 2-2

10. Walk-Overs

There are three considerations in dealing with walk-overs:

· As much as possible should be done to encourage people to play

· Despite "Match Arrangement" rules, players who do their best to arrange matches should not be unduly penalised because of their prospective opponents

· A player claiming a walk-over must have made reasonable efforts to have arranged a match against their prospective opponent

The scoring for walk-overs is as follows:

· 4 points are awarded to the player claiming the walk-over

· 1 point is deducted from the player against whom the walk-over is claimed

No other score can be claimed for a walk-over. A walk-over will only be awarded if claimed by a opponent via the website or a player marks himself/herself as being injured.

11. Leagues Positions

At the end of the League playing period, the points total, ranking and position of each player within the division is calculated. For Normal league divisions, the player with the highest number of points has the highest position, and so on. For Handicapped league divisions, the player with the best (lowest) adjusted ranking has the highest position, and so on.

If two players have equal points (or ranking for Handicapped leagues), the player who was higher at the start of the month will remain so.

12. Promotion/Relegation

Promotion/relegation will be calculated on the basis of final league position at the end of the month. Each player will be allocated a finishing place from 1 to N as if the leagues were continuous (i.e. top of league 1 = 1, bottom of league 1 = 5, top of league 2 = 6 etc.).

Each player's new place will then be calculated as follows:

Player finishing top of each league and points scored exceeds upper threshold

Place improves by 5.1

Player finishing top of each league but with less than upper points threshold

Place improves by 3.1

Player finishing second in league

Place improves by 2

Player finishes second from bottom

Place drops by 2

Player finishing bottom of each league but with more than lower points threshold

Place drops by 2

Player finishing bottom of each league and with less than lower points threshold

Place drops by 3.1

Any player who marks himself/herself as injured will only drop by a maximum of two places.

Upper points threshold = maximum score - 2 (i.e. 26 for a 5 player league)

Lower points threshold = minimum score + 2 (i.e. 10 for a 5 player league)

New league positions will be then be calculated by ordering players according to their revised place and re-allocating to new leagues (i.e. top 5 in league 1, next 5 in league 2 etc.). The whole process is based on a "top two go up, bottom two go down" principal, but is designed to ensure that players who win or lose their league convincingly are more likely to change leagues even when other players join/leave.

13. Rankings

Players will be ranked and a list shown on the website. Rankings will be used to allocate handicaps for competitions, to calculate which league a player should re-enter the leagues at when requested, and to determine the league positions for Handicapped leagues. Rankings for players will adjusted on the basis their league match results at the end of the month. A complete description of the ranking system can be found here.

Darren Sooprayen - League Secretary